Beautiful Movements Cosmetics – Prime & Create Mixing Medium Review

BM Cosmetics
Reviewed by Tams
I always love a good multi-tasker! Prime, create, go!

I love any product that is going to save me money and time so I was pleased to receive Beautiful Movements Cosmetics’ brand new Prime & Create Mixing Medium last month. It can be used as a primer under your make up, mixed with eye-shaddow pigments to make a liquid liner in your chosen colour, mixed with foundation, blusher or eye-shaddow for a perfect airbrush effect. The possibilities are nearly endless!

My favourite way to use this product is mixed with my liquid foundation. I savour it for a night out and go out looking flawless.. well as flawless as you can get when you’re as clumsy as me! It only takes a tiny bit, about 1 part mixing medium to 3 parts foundation to dramatically improve the performance of the foundation. It is also fab mixed with a bit of blusher for a gorgeous matt finish.. perfect when you love blusher as much as I do!

What I liked most: The number of things it can be used for

What I liked least: Hmm… Nothing, I’m in love with this product!

Try it: RRP £20 for 20g,


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