Figs & Rouge Lip Balm Review

Reviewed by Tams
Another multi-tasker to add to your festival essentials!

This is more than just a lip balm, although it does do that very well too. It is just as important to take care of your lips as any other part of your body, after all the lips are going to feel the kisses of that summer romance! This lip balm is just what my dried up lips needed this morning after a night wearing letter-box-red lipstick last night!

I tried it in Cherry Blossom as pictured but it is also available in Coco Rose and Mocha Orange. It is subtle and beautiful on and really takes care of your lips. It is in a handy hygenic tube too and can be applied with or without fingers, perfect for when you’d rather not touch your lips! (Think after the tube, at festivals)

But this isn’t all this fabulous balm does, add it to your eyelids for a quick and easy shimmer or your cuticles for a quick nail rescue! It’s packed full of antioxidants and is fab at festivals as an all rounder. It’s also great for dry elbows and knees, you need little else for Glastonbury this year when you have this packed!

What I love: It’s a fab all rounder and the colour is gorgeous.

What I liked least: It can be tricky to get it on evenly when used straight from the tube.

Try it: RRP £5.00,

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