Dermalogica – Daily Microfoliant Review

Reviewed by Tams

I was really excited to have a Dermalogica product to try but I was disappointed!

First up I didn’t find the whole system for this very easy to use or convenient, you have to wet your hands and then put half a teaspoon of the white powder microfoliant onto your hands and rub into a paste, not an easy task with wet hands and it comes out so fast you can easily use too much! I discovered the best way to use it was to mix the paste in a clean pot and then rub it in before rinsing thoroughly. All this takes time and I’d sooner use a ready made exfoliant.

Secondly, the results even after two weeks of use weren’t a patch on my normal Olay exfoliator, my skin had dry patches and it was no more radiant than normal. It claims to leave skin INSTANTLY brighter and smoother, for me this was never the case and I certainly wouldn’t shell out £40 for it either! Perhaps it is to do with my skin so I shall be getting one of the other girls to test this over the next week and we’ll be back for part 2!

What I loved: Nothing

What I liked least: That you have to make it into a paste yourself.

Try it: RRP £40.30,


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