Essie – Nail Lacquer in Penny Talk Review


ESSIEReviewed by Tams

I am the worst person at painting my own nails but for you ladies.. I gave it a go!

This is the first Essie nail polish I have ever tried and when I got it through I was unsure of the colour as it isn’t really me.. or so I thought! I’ve used this one a few times now and it looks way better on than it does in the bottle! (Excuse my bad painting, I’m too clumsy for this stuff!)


I love the metalic look of this nail polish, it’s super shiny and super glamourous. It also stays on a lot longer than others I’ve tried recently.. fab when your job and hobby both consist of a lot of typing. It is also really easy to apply, it goes on really smoothly, no glooping or giant blobs!

I’m definitely going to get some more colours, this one is called Penny Talk but it comes in so many other shades too, there’s so many I haven’t even tried to count them!

What I love most: That it’s hardwearing and stays on ages!

Try it: RRP £7.99,,



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