Nails Inc – St James Red Nail Polish Review


Review and photo by Megan, written by Tams

Stands out but doesn’t stand the test of time!

Megan found this nail polish really easy to use, the brush was the perfect size to stroke across the whole nail without making a mess.

On first impressions Megan loved the bright colour and how beautifully shiny it is and commented that it is definitely a statement nail polish. I say team it with a little black dress and gorgeous clutch bag for a striking evening look!

Unfortunately this nail polish didn’t last as long without chipping as many of Megan’s favourites so it wouldn’t work well as an everyday ‘I’ve got to do the dishes in this’ nail polish. However, Megan would happily use it again for a special occasion and recommend to it anyone looking for a nail polish that really stands out.

What Megan loved most: The shiny bright colour.

And least: It’s not long-lasting.

Try it: RRP £11,



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