The Girls who dared to bare- The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Challenge

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Tilda Megan Sarah Tams

I am so overwhelmed by the support I have had today in going bare-faced in public! When I wrote my challenge post yesterday lunch time I never thought it would get the response that it did and I am so thankful to each and every girl who stood with me today make up free.

It was a really hard experience for myself as I definitely hide behind make up every single day. I know most of the girls pictured here show great courage in not only ditching their mask for a day but going out in public like it.

The girls have been everywhere from work to sports day, from Tesco to lunches without a single item of make-up applied to their person. This is not a big deal to a lot of you but to us who have lower than average self-esteem it was a giant step and I am so proud of every single one of them.

Girls you made it so much easier for me to do tis challenge by doing it too and I thank you for putting your own insecurities aside to help me and taking the time to send me your photos too! Each and every one of you is beautiful and exactly the way good intended you to be and I hope that each of you have felt as liberated as I have in walking out in today’s glorious sunshine as yourself and not as the person you draw on yourself every morning.

Tiff Rosie Debbie Chloe

This challenge was inspired by one of my favourite scriptures Psalm 139:14 that tells us God made us fearfully and wonderfully. That is something that I am trying believe and today has been a huge step forward. Nothing bad happened for being myself. I found myself sat in Costa Coffee after sports day this morning feeling quite emotional at just how true this scripture is. Who are we to judge how we look or anyone else looks? God made us perfect for our purpose and we are wonderful!

I’ already feel so much better about myself for taking this step forward and I am planning to run the challenge again next year just to remind ourselves regularly that we are beautiful. No matter what anyone says about us now, in the future or in the past, the truth is God says we are gorgeous!

In the order they appear from left to right the girls pictured are:
Top row: Matilda, Megan, Sarah and Me
Second row: Tiffany, Rosie, Debbie and Chloe
Girls it’s not too late to send images in! Get them over to and I’ll add them below! 

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