Hold tight…


Reviewed by Tams

Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold SprayShockwaves

My husband is in love with this hairspray, as am I. I bought it as a last minute thing last month when I realised my Guy Kremer one was nearly out and it turned out to be a really good buy.

I use it when I curl my hair and my husbands uses it way more often and it hasn’t failed either of us yet. It holds the hair tightly in place without feeling straw-like. Toby says it smells amazing, I think it just smells like hairspray!

This hairspray stands against the tests of the wind, a night out and a nap.. amazing! It is also really reasonably priced and we may be converted. It also washes and brushes out without a problem.

What I love most: It holds your hair in place all day

What I liked least: I prefer hairspray that doesn’t smell like hairspray!

Try it: £2.95, www.boots.com


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