Ready, Set, Go!


One of my must-have products is The Body Shop Energizing Vitamin C Face Spritz, it’s also reviewer Megan’s favourite beauty item.

This fab spritz is not only amazing for a super quick cool down when things get hot hot hot it also sets your make up. Used alone it’s really good for the skin, of course it contains Vitamin C which wakes the skin up and gives it a healthy glow.

Without fail I always spritz my face with a couple of squirts once I’ve finished my make-up, this sets it all in place and helps it last the duration of the day. It also feels and smells amazing. There is also a Vitamin E version available that works just as well. I really can’t shout about this product enough. I hear of so many people who use the old hairspray trick to set their make up but this is so much kinder to the skin and works a million times better.

What I love most: This whole product is amazing!

Try it: £9.00,

Find Naked Beauty on Facebook .. There is also a giveaway worth £33.50 over there at the moment!


5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go!

  1. This looks really good. I love the SPF30 Moisturiser from this range so i think i’ll have to give this a try.

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