Anatomicals – Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz Review

1Reviewed by Tams

My UK heatwave 2013 life-saver! 

This is the best thing to have landed on my doorstep this month, it arrived on Monday and that couldn’t have been better timing.

This facial spritz carries the normal Anatomicals quirky name which is one of the things I love most about this brand. It contains peppermint, rose, lavender, aloe and witch hazel, all of which combined give your face a welcome refresh, calm and moisture. This current heat is creating havoc with my skin and melting my make up off. I love that this product not only sets my makeup but cools me down at intervals during the day too.

My skin instantly feels refreshed with a couple of spritz of this wonderful product, when my skin is starting to give up on me this brings it back from the brink. It’s also been amazing at holding my makeup in place for longer.

This is my must-have summer item for holidays, flights, festivals and in hot offices. If anything makes this heat more bearable it’s Spray Misty for Me.

Try it: £6,

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