Blend and Create


Sleek  –  Pout Paint Review

This is a whole new concept for me but I love it. I received these last week and got round to giving them a go yesterday.

They come in tubes and they are totally mixable. The white one ‘Cloud 9’ is purely for blending purposes although I guess you could use it alone if that’s your thing. I also received ‘Pinkini’, this shade is a little too bright for my liking on its own so I simply blended a bit of Cloud 9 with it to make the shade shown in the photo.

The paint goes a really long way so you only need a tiny amount, I made far too much and ended up with it all over my hand but it’s a lesson learned! I love that you can blend any of the shades to make a totally unique colour for you. The only problem is touching up throughout the day, not only are you unlikely to get the exact same colour again but you also have to carry around all the colours plus a lip brush.  However inconvenient that is, it could also be a lot of fun to change the colour of your lips throughout the day. Plus you have infinite colour possibilities so you don’t need to buy so many lipsticks!

It did last a good 6 hours, I even got through lunch with a fair amount left on, so touch ups really are minimal anyway. It does take a while to dry when you first put it on, I did wonder if it was going to dry at all at one point, once it has dried you can easily pop some Lipcote over the top to hold it on even longer. It gave a lovely matte finish once it was dried and I really did love it on, it’s just a new thing to get used to! It also came out really even and with a good lipbrush it was really easy to apply accurately.

Try it: £4.99 each,

Find Naked Beauty on Facebook .. There is also a giveaway worth £33.50 over there at the moment!

6 thoughts on “Blend and Create

  1. Love this! I received Pinkini in my glossybox, and I can’t wait to try it, its just my lips are super dry at the moment, so I have to avoid anything matte. I have uploaded a giveaway on my blog, if you wanted to enter then I’d love it! Thank you xx

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