Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel


Recently I’ve been having more break-out’s than normal, I’m pretty sure it hormone related and there’s not a thing I can stop it happening. They just keep appearing out of nowhere. This anti-blemish gel from Superdrug has however been a little life-saver.


It’s anti-bacterial so it cleans the area around the blemish and drys it out so that it heals quicker. It boasts a 4-hour reduction in redness, perfect for when a dastardly spot appears the morning of a night out. It also contains known acne-fighting-ingredient,  salicylic acid. It totally catches that spot unawares and ninja’s it into submission.


It can be used under or over makeup and forms a layer around the affected area to stop it spreading or getting infected. I like a product that not only provides a solution but limits the damage too!


It’s also really affordable in comparison to similar products at just £2.59!


4 thoughts on “Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel

  1. The worm is following me everywhere I go! :O But anyway, I’m about to break out as well as it’s nearly the time of the month, and I wish I had something like this to help keep the pimples at bay! 😛

    • Haha! I love the mummy and baby turtles! Ah I hate pmt pimples 😦 though I’ve had constant pimples for about 4 months since I stopped taking my pill! Luckily it’s only like one at a time!

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