MUUSE x Vogue Talents Young Vision Award 2013


The Beauty of Decay

I love fashion and I love seeing young talent receiving recognition and opportunities that they’ve worked incredibly hard for. A colleague of mine has a daughter that has been studying fashion for quite some time and she has been chosen for a young talent competition with Vogue and Muuse.

This competition means a great deal to her and she needs votes to get through to the semi-finals. If you could all spare a moment to have a quick look and vote for Kate I know she’d be ever grateful for the support of those of us who love fashion as much as her (almost!).  I’ve also had the pleasure of her working in our office during previous holidays and she’s a true style icon, I may be a little be envious of the looks she pulls off, but I won’t admit to anything..

It’s really simple, just click on one of the link below and hit VOTE!!vogue2013/200-kate-reeve

Thank you in advance!

One thought on “MUUSE x Vogue Talents Young Vision Award 2013

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