Coola Face Mineral Sun Screen Review


Reviewed by Megan

After seeing our Megs sunburnt this year I knew she was the perfect person to test out this sunscreen. The one she tested was the unscented version but it is also available in rose. It was factor 20.

It’s designed especially for the face and protects against the signs of aging too. It’s also hypoallergenic and paraben free. It is water resistant for around 40 minutes so it probably isn’t the best one to use when in and out of the pool.

Megan reported back that it is quite an effort to rub in due to it’s thickness. She looked more like a snowman than a sun-kissed goddess while she waited for it to soak in. However, once it was soaked in it worked well. Megan usually prefers the convenience of spray creams but feels that may have been why she was getting burnt!

Megan has also been converted from clear sunscreens to white ones as this one has definitely protected her much better even though it is a lower SPF. Round of applause for Coola!


2 thoughts on “Coola Face Mineral Sun Screen Review

  1. I also find white ones better, but I hate how I feel with sunscreen on, I can\t wait to wash it off. I rarely go outside during the day in summertime

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