L’Oreal Paris True Match – The Powder Review

1Reviewed by Tams

I bought this at the same time that I bought the liquid True Match foundation, which seems like an age ago now. You can see my review of that here. It wasn’t the best foundation I’ve ever tried unfortunately.

I don’t often use powders as they can look so caked on. This one can be built up or used as sparingly as you like which is great. But I still don’t really like powders, I only bought it to use to set my makeup but it just makes it more obvious that I’m wearing it! I just don’t think I can pull off powder foundation, my skin does not agree with it.

It’s a real shame as it does seem a really good product, my skin wasn’t shiny at all but it did highlight my dry areas, the curse of combination skin. I’d definitely recommend it if you have oily skin as it would probably be an ideal product.

It also comes in a handy little compact which includes a little application sponge and a mirror. It’s a really useful handbag item and I think I’ll pass it onto someone who will get the use out of it. I’m disappointed it didn’t work out for me but I do maintain that it probably is just my skin causing th problem! Has anyone else tried it? What did you think?

Try it: www.superdrug.com, RRP around £8.00

UPDATE: In last week’s It’s in the Bag Maisie loved the liquid version, I promised to revisit it and I did so last week and I still had the same problems 😦

6 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris True Match – The Powder Review

  1. I am surprised you didn’t like the L’Oreal True Match foundation. I had a lot of success with it. I guess it goes to show that every foundation is different for everyone!

      • Weird. I have combination skin too, and I didn’t have any problems with it. Hmmm. I looked at your review, and the bottle looks different than mine (for one, mine didn’t have a pump). Maybe it’s a different formula.

      • Yeah maybe they changed. I only got mine a few weeks ago from my local
        Drugstore, hmm.. Weird. Gonna try it again when the summer is out if the way and my skin is less dry!

  2. Agree with Sam, surprised it did not suit you. Have tried this and still using this. Its an ideal product for me. May be because I have oily skin.

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