OCEANE Makeup Remover Review


I was really wary of giving this a go due to my over sensitive eyes, I was pretty sure it was going to cause me more problems than it solved so I kept putting off trying it. However, yesterday morning I made a pretty big mess at the corner of my eye and it couldn’t have made it worse than it already was so decided to give it a whirl.

It comes with spare nibs for the top of the pen so when they start to get covered in all your past mistakes you can just change it and use the rest of the product. Also useful if you want to use it on someone else!

I was pleasantly surprised by this product, I was sure it’d either come out too fast or not enough but it’s just perfect. It quickly removed the chaotic mess I’d made, allowing me to simply fix that area instead of starting over. It also didn’t bother my eyes in the slightest which is a small miracle in itself!

Unfortunately, it’s not available in the UK yet but hopefully if we all make enough noise they’ll hear our pleas and send it our way!

13 thoughts on “OCEANE Makeup Remover Review

  1. There’s one by Simple that does a similar eye make up correcting pen. You should see how this compares to that.

    Also, this might seem an odd question, but I remember about a week or so ago, you tagged me in a post about something. Some like blogger thing, I honestly can’t remember or find it for the life of me because I’ve been away for the past 10 days. Do you remember at all? :S

      • Ohhh fair enough, I’ll have to check out this Liebster award. Been so busy haha.

        And the Simple eye corrector should be in Superdrug I think.

  2. It’s good to hear it comes with replacement nibs. I tried the Simple make up corrector pen but it lasted about 5 minutes because the nib got filthy and there was no replacement.

  3. Firstly, absolutely love your blog theme and all the post. Can’t believe it took me this long to stumble upon it, hehe. Really informative review and I think I wanna’ try this product now πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

    Great post and blog, do stop by mine too xx – thebeautybeastblog.com

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