MUA (Makeup Academy) Lipstick in Red Shade 1 Review

2I go through so much red lipstick it’s unreal. I cherish red lipstick above all other colours, I love that it is striking and beautiful. It makes a statement and that suits me just fine.

I am loving MUA at the moment, for the bargain basement price the quality is outstanding. I recently discovered their lipsticks and I plan on purchasing the whole collection now, at £1 a pop you really can’t go wrong.

They all also have a handy little pot attached to the base of the lipstick containing the same colour ready to be used with a brush. Perfect for when you want to show the colour off on a friend hygienically.

Now onto this colour, I have tried A LOT of red lipsticks and they just don’t stick around that well. My biggest problem is they aren’t kiss proof and both my son and husband get annoyed with red smudges across their face. I only had to reapply this once in a whole day and I only half bother with the Lipcote sealant that I use too. For me this is incredible.

1It is a sexy shade, not too bright, it’s a deep red that looked fantastic with my current red hair. It has a wonderful sheen to it that looks elegant. I originally just bought this for day use but it would be incredibly suitable for night time too.

If you haven’t already tried MUA I recommend getting your butt to Superdrug pronto!

11 thoughts on “MUA (Makeup Academy) Lipstick in Red Shade 1 Review

  1. Oh I love this colour! I need to get this for my collection 😀 I didn’t even notice the little pot on the end of the base, its brill,makes me love it even more now!

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