#SBBC Day 4 – Positives about blogging


Seeing as I just ran out of my favourite hand cream (The Body Shop Almond hand cream) I decided to do my positives about blogging. It’s good to change things up once in a while anyway!

So these are the positives I found to blogging in the 11 weeks (tomorrow) that I’ve been blogging:

  1. Community – There’s quite a few bloggers on here that I now consider to be ‘blogger friends’, you are all so amazing and the community feel to blogging is addictive and unique. I look forward to reading other people’s posts and getting to know them through their writing. I hope to meet some of you at a blogger meet up in the future.
  2. Discovery – I adore finding new products and I trust what the bloggers are writing about them. It helps me to stay in the loop and stumble upon products I wouldn’t otherwise have done.
  3. Writing – I love to write and I have a huge passion for this blog. It is already helping me to find my own writers voice and the daily practice is not only fun but valuable experience for the career I aim to do.
  4. Creativity – I’m getting the hang of making my posts better, I like trying to think of new post ideas as much as I like trying new products to review. I’m getting used to editing my photos to make them stand out more too.
  5. Satisfaction – I get a huge sense of satisfaction when people like and comment on my posts, it’s always good to feel appreciated and to know people actually do read and care about what you write. It’s satisfying seeing my hard work paid off in numbers of followers and views. I think I’ll always be excited to hear from my followers and I do try to reply to each comment as soon as possible. If any have slipped through, I’m sorry!

What are your positives of blogging?


8 thoughts on “#SBBC Day 4 – Positives about blogging

  1. I have to agree on the community feel of blogging. It makes writing and posting all that more meaningful. I guess another positive for me is the ability to make a (albeit small) impression in the fields I care about -beauty, fashion and fitness. As always, I love your post. You are a great writer, and have a lot to offer the blog community.

    • I think that has to be my number one postive, everyone is so lovely and I love the awards that go round so that we can help each other do well. It’s not competitive at all, we all offer our own slice to the blogging world and it works well!

      Ah thank you, I’m a working progress but I’m determined to keep improving!

  2. Yeah, love everything you have mentioned here! You pinpointed the reasons very well, but have to say I love the community and friendships built!

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