Soap & Glory Hand Food Review


The most astonishing hand cream ever? You Decide!

This is the question posed on the packaging of the Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream, right at the top. Who can not accept that challenge? I’d also seen lots of people doing the September Beauty Blog Challenge post about this last week. I couldn’t post about my favourite because I’d run out, sobs! However, this did mean I tried a new hand cream and found a new favourite!

It contains Shea butter, Macadamia oil and Marshmallow, yes Marshmallow. It smells as sweet as it sounds. The function of the Marshmallow is a mystery to me but I love it nonetheless.

I love that this hand cream soaks in really fast but that doesn’t mean you have to keep reapplying it, oh no twice a day is fine! It isn’t greasy but really is super-hydrating. After just a week of using it as and when I remember (about once over the weekend but more during the week) my hands are softer than ever. I’m prone to dry patches and this has battled them right into history in just 7 days.

So in answer to their question, yes it is the most astonishing hand cream ever. It smells great and works even better, what more do you want from a hand cream. I’ve been the envy of the office this week with this delicious smelling formula and I’ll 110% be repurchasing!

Try it: Β£5, Boots


NEWS: We’ll be moving over to a self-hosted site this week so that the blog can be bigger and better.. watch this space for more information. I hope you’ll all support us in this move, it shouldn’t cause any disruption to service and those who follow should be automatcally moved over.

10 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Hand Food Review

  1. I haven’t tried that but have some Soap and Glory items to try soon. Good luck with the move. Hopefully I’ll still see your posts.

  2. Hmm, I actually really don’t like this – I find it way too liquidy… I prefer a thicker drier cream so I can get on with things! Interesting that it soaks in well for you though – I’m glad someone likes it πŸ™‚

      • The only hand cream I actually don’t mind is L’Occitane’s Shea Butter hand cream – it’s so silky, but it’s sunk in before you’ve finished rubbing your hands together – perfect. And it moisturises really well πŸ™‚
        Didn’t mean to slate, I really enjoyed reading your review, I just think it’s funny how some things are people’s holy grails and other people’s never-buy-agains πŸ™‚

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