Clairol Nice & Easy Hair Dye Review (Shade 102)

Last night I had the pleasure of doing my lovely little sister’s hair. It’d been pre-lightened with peroxide earlier in the week and had so many gingery bits in it that it had to be died to a suitable blonde ASAP! We carefully selected an ASh blonde in Clairol’s Nice & Easy range. It came out so well I decided to review it!

So the box came with all the usual’s, gloves, developer etc and a nice big tube of conditioner that lasts up to 6 weeks if used weekly as suggested.


It contained plenty to cover the whole of my sisters quite long hair in just the one packet which was a bonus. It smelt like normal hair dye, no floral scent here I’m afraid but if I’m honest you expect that when you dye your hair anyway!

We left it on for the maximum 45 minutes as a strand test at 30 minutes lead us to believe it need a little extra developing time. I then rinsed it twice and washed it with a good shampoo. I left the conditioner on for a few minutes and rinsed again. And so here are the results!

2 3

It has come out a rally lovely light ash blonde, the colour is even but has beautiful highlights and lowlights through the hair so it looks more natural. Her hair was also left feeling really soft and shiny. For a blonde hair dye this has got to be one of the best home results I’ve seen. I’m actually left very green-eyed right now, I want gorgeous blonde hair!

It was also really good for the budget conscious at just £5.99 in Superdrug. I’ve undoubtedly caught the hair dying bug again now, darn!