Just Keep Scrubbing, Just Keep Scrubbing – Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub Review

photo3Reviewed by Tams

Already on number 2!

As I bought my second tube of Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub I realised I clearly love it.. a lot! I haven’t yet blogged about this one but at the moment it is a clear favourite of mine! It smells refreshingly clean and has lovely large particles.

The formula foams so well and after each use leaves a clear improvement. The large particles leave you with a satisfying scrubbed face and radiant natural glow! It also removes what’s left of my makeup without a problem.

My skin is less dry, less spotty and clearer after using this for a while. I also use other Olay Essentials items in my skin regime and they’ve never let me down. They are always well-priced and quality items. They also last a while as you do not need much each time!

photo2 photo

What I love most: It is so effective at doing what it does!

What I like least: Nothing, I wouldn’t have gone back to it again if there was!

Try it: £2.49, www.superdrug.com

Get Skin Beautiful for Summer

Photo provided by hankinsphoto.com

Let’s face it, wearing a full face of make up is never going to be practical all summer or on holiday so it’s time to get beautiful skin that looks gorgeous when you dare to be bare!

Beautiful skin is always going to start from the inside, sorry ladies chocolate and wine are never going to give you radiant skin. It’s all about driking two litres of water every day and getting your 5-a-day! Hydrated, nourished skin is beautiful skin.

Routine is key when it comes to maintaing a gorgeous glow. I recommend a full skin care routine twice a day, cleanse, tone, moisturise. If the products you are using sting that’s never good so make sure you have some great items that feel amazing when you use them stocked in your beauty bag! I also recommend exfoliating each day to get rid of any nasty dead skin and help your natural radiance shine through. Don’t be put off if a few spots appear in the first couple of weeks of a new skin care regime, this is totally normal and will clear up leaving you clearer and brighter skin in no time!

A good body butter will whip your body skin into shape in no time, not only that but the action of applying it also helps to tone up skin. You’ll be ready to strut along the beach in some hot destination in no time!

This weekend is Naked Beauty’s skin care special, so watch out for my current top picks and favourite skin items today and tomorrow!

Tams xx