Out with the old…


Reviewed by Tams

I was stuck in a rut in regards to the smokey-eye, that’s all I ever did. Inspired by Kate at What Kate Did Next I decided to give neutrals a chance and picked myself up a cheap starter palette.

This is MUA Professional (Makeup Academy) Undressed Palette, it has 12 mostly neutral eyeshadows from pink to gold to blue. It was also only £4 in Superdrug, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t want to fork out before I know if I like it.


Last night for a show I attended I used the gold on the bottom left across the whole of the bottom half of my eye-lid. The one next to it for the outside corners and the top right for the top half of my lid and I blended it all in. I also used Benefit High Beam, a MAC Eye Liner and MAC Zoom Lash Mascara. It looked amazing, the photo below doesn’t do it justice.. probably wasn’t my best idea to take it next to a sunny window or in a rush.

MUA3I did find that it look a little bit of effort to get the colour to show up as much as I wanted it to but I was happy with the ovaral result in the end. It was really easy to use and it wasn’t too powdery so I didn’t end up getting more of it on my cheeks than my eyelids! It also comes with an eyeshadow brush, I didn’t find this useful it was too long to be accurate and wasn’t very good at transferring the colour to the eyelids, but it was a very cheap palette and I just used my own brushes in the end.

I also tried out another look this morning, a nice summer day look but I didn’t have time to get a photo of that. However, it did show me that the possibilities when using this palette are endless and I’m definitely going out with the old and in with the new. This is the start to me experimenting with new looks, you never know what might actually suit you unless you try!

These palettes also come in a range of other colours from brights to browns and glitters.

What I love most: The endless possibilities, perfect for going from day in the office to drinks in town.

What I like least: It takes a bit of effort to build up the colour. The brush included isn’t very good.

Try it: £4.00, www.superdrug.com