All the Fun of the Fair

Last night we decided to pop down to the fair whilst it was still in town. My 5 (nearly 6) year old has just started getting into fashion and style. He decided he was going to use my L’Oreal Professional Clay. Naturally I let him and decided to see how it held up at the fair!

He’s so damn cute with his little quiff going on! We put a little bit through all his hair to add texture and then pulled the front upwards. We added a little hairspray to finish. The cheeky smile says it all.. he knew he looked cool!

The clay is really easy to use, just a little is needed and it spreads though the hair well. It doesn’t have a nice smell but you can’t smell it once it’s on either.




Fin went on plenty of rides, a bouncy castle and a fun house, his hair as still holding up! 3

We were totally loving our time together as a family. Fin was really going for it, loving being out way past bed time and the excitement of the rides.

He truly is the most amazing little man.

4Though we totally shattered Fin out and by the walk home (we don’t have a car) he was wanting a little help. He gave us a cheeky little smile whilst clinging onto my husband and the day finished perfectly, with his hair still in tact!



Try it:

P.S. Mine is still in the old packaging, it’s lasted that long

We went to a wedding…

So last month Toby and I attended our first wedding as a married couple. There they had a photo studio all set up for guest photos and we just downloaded ours. I thought I’d pop them up here so you can see how I done my makeup and hair and what I wore as an evening guest to the beautiful wedding in the heart of the Essex countryside. One of these days I’ll get round to sharing some of our wedding photos too!

Photos by Strawberry Rose Studios

0881_StrawberryRoseStudios 0882_StrawberryRoseStudios-1 0883_StrawberryRoseStudios


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Let it go!

This is not strictly beauty related but I thought I’d share anyway.

This week has been particularly stressful for our tight-knit family, my step-father had a stroke last week and is still in hospital so we’ve all been a bit uptight. Today we decided to let it all go and have fun. So makeup and fashion free we took to the garden to enjoy the awesome heatwave sweeping the UK and at 11am we were already having a water fight.

It was so much fun to just let it go, to not worry about the frizz bomb my hair was to become or the suncream running in my eyes. There is no better sound than that of a child (my son) laughing with his family. Laughter really is the best medicine. Here are a few photos of just enjoying being together 🙂


Me and my gorgeous little man… soaked!


My son with his present from his Nanny


My mum and Son