Sally Hansen – Complete Salon Manicure 670 Midnight in NY – Product Review

rosieReview and Photo by Rosie, written by Tams

Our lovely reviewer and alternative model Rosie took Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure for a spin this weekend, turned into quite a long drive actually. 


Rosie was totally delighted when she open this package as it’s right up her street. She loved that it was a sexy black with enough glitter to add some glamour but without over doing it.

This nail polish is an all-in-one, hardener base and top coat + colour. Rosie found the brush size to be perfect and application easy, even on her little toe. The photo above was taken 3 days after it was put on so this nail polish clearly has quite some staying-power. It’s held out through a whole busy-mum’s weekend and that deserves a huge thumbs up from us!

Rosie has already been busy checking out other shades and recommending this to others so it looks like Sally Hansen has a winner here.

The only problem Rosie found was it does take a good few coats to get a decent coverage but when you’re skipping the base coat and top coat that’s not so bad. It was also really quick to dry so it wasn’t too time-consuming all in all.

Rosie already has this planned into her next photo shoot. Oh I do love it when we find and fall in love with a great product!

What Rosie loved most: The perfect brush size.

And least: That it needed 3/4 coats.

Try it: £6.99,