Nautical but Nice

1I live in a town by the water, we have a river that looks more like mud most of the time and some amazing old barges. I also have a tattoo of an anchor on my back in memory of my Grandad who lied about his age to get into the Navy. I also love everything stripes and navy. Therefore I am in love with everything nautical.


My nautical addiction inspired my look for Saturday night, I’m just glad that the high street is fulfilling my desires at the moment. I decided to match my makeup to my outfit on Saturday too. I used blue and navy eyeshadow’s from my Sleek icandy pallette, which by the way I promise to review tomorrow, finally! I also went with my favourite red lipstick which is a Barry M I mentioned here.

I also used a number of new products which I have to review this week including B.Flawless foundation and MUA Concealer. Due to lighting an a bit too much champagne we had a bit, ok a lot, of trouble getting a decent photo of my makeup but here is the best one I have.


I added a bit of extra MAC blusher after this photo as I felt so pale! I liked this look and will definitely recreate it sober and get a better photo! The lighting is all off on this photo and the one at the top is definitely the best. I love that I’ve finally got out of my smokey-eye addiction and started trying new looks! I got a fair few comments on how lovely my eye makeup looked saturday night, that felt pretty good!

Until tomorrow x