Fudge Urban Texturising Sea Salt Spray Review

1Recently I reviewed Alterna Haircare – Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist and I mentioned in the post that it was quite expensive and I’d see if I could find a cheaper version. Since then I’ve been on a mission to just that and I’m pleased to say it’s MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Fudge Urban provides salon standard hair products on the high street, they do everything from matte hair max to volumnising powders, and all in fun, brightly coloured packaging.

I normally spend ages in the morning styling my hair but this provides a huge relief in that routine. This morning, I washed my hair, sprayed this in from mid-length to the ends and scrunched up. I left my hair to dry naturally. It battled well with the frizz and left me with beach-cool hair.

It also smells amazing, it has a delicious coconut scent that just reminds me of holidays. Every time the wind blows I get a whiff of my hair and it transports me back to sunny days even though I’m currently sat in the office with storms raging outside my window.

My hair feels light and it hasn’t caused a huge product build up in my hair like some products do. It can also be used to plump up your hair but applying it before blow-drying. I think I’ll stick to using it in wet hair as it’s so quick and I’m really happy with the result. This is definitely one to take to V Festival with me!

I was originally looking for a cheap alternative but instead I’ve found a new favourite! I’m so over dead straight hair and I’m happy to have a product that allows me to embrace my naturally wavy hair.

On the more technical side of things the unusual nozzle makes it really easy to apply accurately. After all you don’t want huge clumps and sections with nothing in. You also do not need a lot to create the look so I think it’ll probably last a while.

Try it: £6.99, www,superdrug.com (Currently on offer for £3.49)



Schwarzkopf – got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray

1Reviewed by Tams

This product is one of my beauty heroes. I was forever being scolded at the hairdressers for damaging my hair via heat styling all the time. I have frizzy hair, I have no choice but to do something with it every day. Either that or I walk around looking like Cave Girl. That is the options. I’ve never found that heat protection sprays have been all that good and I’ve tried A LOT of them before finding this little friend.

It protects up to 200 degrees and is suitable for blow drying, straightening and curling. It also smells amazing. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 months now, in fact I’m almost all out and the condition of my hair has considerably improved. It also helps to hold my hair straight for longer, meaning I don’t have to do it so often.

My hair is also more manageable when I use this, which is every day now. I don’t think I’ll be trying any more for a while. Cheers to my new BFF.

Try it: £4.05, www.superdrug.com

Surf’s up!

1Reviewed by Tams

Alterna Haircare  – Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist Review

We can spend so much time making ourselves look like it took no time at all to get ready for a day at the beach. This is why I love this texture mist, it literally takes no time at all and looks amazing. It’s really quick and easy to get an effortless look ready for a day beside the sea, or at a festival. If you’re  me you used it for a day in the office when it was too hot to straighten your hair.

It’s really easy to use, you simply spritz damp or dry hair from root to tip and scrunch your hair up, done!

This came out best when I blow dried my hair the night before then spritzed it in the morning. It lasted all day, in fact it probably got better throughout the day. The scent is fairly neutral and it gave my hair an extra shine while giving it a texture, tousled look.

I would definitely use this product again, it will be perfect for when I go to V Festival next month. The only drawback is the full size is fairly expensive for a hair product that I may not use that often and if you have long hair you need to use quite a lot to get a good result.

Try it: £23 for 125ml, www.lookfantastic.com/alterna

We went to a wedding…

So last month Toby and I attended our first wedding as a married couple. There they had a photo studio all set up for guest photos and we just downloaded ours. I thought I’d pop them up here so you can see how I done my makeup and hair and what I wore as an evening guest to the beautiful wedding in the heart of the Essex countryside. One of these days I’ll get round to sharing some of our wedding photos too!

Photos by Strawberry Rose Studios

0881_StrawberryRoseStudios 0882_StrawberryRoseStudios-1 0883_StrawberryRoseStudios


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Hold tight…


Reviewed by Tams

Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold SprayShockwaves

My husband is in love with this hairspray, as am I. I bought it as a last minute thing last month when I realised my Guy Kremer one was nearly out and it turned out to be a really good buy.

I use it when I curl my hair and my husbands uses it way more often and it hasn’t failed either of us yet. It holds the hair tightly in place without feeling straw-like. Toby says it smells amazing, I think it just smells like hairspray!

This hairspray stands against the tests of the wind, a night out and a nap.. amazing! It is also really reasonably priced and we may be converted. It also washes and brushes out without a problem.

What I love most: It holds your hair in place all day

What I liked least: I prefer hairspray that doesn’t smell like hairspray!

Try it: £2.95, www.boots.com

Caudalie Divine Oil Product review


A happy multi-tasking oil that isn’t greasy, sounds too good to be true!

This oil does everything, everything! It can be used on the body which I found particularly good on the knees and elbows. It can also be used on the hair to give it a luxurious injection of moisture and shine, I’d only do this once a week though. It is fantastic for nails or a sensual massage too. I haven’t tried the last one yet which a few drops in a hot bath but I’m convinced that’d be good too.

Caudalie does all these things really well and the scent is really lovely too. However, it claims that it is non-greasy and I did feel it was a bit on the greasy side for at least 30 minutes after using it. It is great to use at night before bed but I wouldn’t recommend it in the morning unless you have oodles of time to wait for it to soak in!

It is a great all round product, I usually buy oil treatments for my hair and massages separately but this does both in one at a very reasonable price so I will definitely by buying this when I run out!

What I love: That it does everything you want from oils in one bottle.

What I like least: That it is a bit greasy for a while after.

Try it: RRP £4.05 for 15ml ( doesn’t sound a lot but you don’t need much each time), uk.caudalie.com

Aussie – Miracle Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review


Reviewed by Tams

A bit more expensive that I’d usually allow but well worth it!

As a person that normally goes for the same shampoo nearly every time it was a huge thing for me to pick something new and a bit more expensive that I didn’t even know was any good. Turns out it was worth the risk! I color my hair a lot but don’t find many of the colour special shampoos to be much good so I tend to opt for something that keeps it strong and shiny. Hence, I decided to try Aussie’s new Miracle Shine shampoo and conditioner.

I love the delicious smell of all Aussie products and this one didn’t let me down. It also contains real pearl powder.. yes it’s glamorous too! The resuls are also amazing, my hair is left shiny and strong and I’ve even had comments on how shiny my hair has been recently.

The only drawback is it does tend to make my hair greasier quicker than normal and I have to wash it daily opposed to my normal every other day but I love the product enough not to mind this too much!

This week I’m going to try out the intensive treatment too so I’ll let you know how I get on!

What I loved most: The scent and results.

What I liked least: That I have to wash my hair double the amount each week.

Try it: Shampoo 300ml £3.50, Conditioner 250ml £3.50. Available from Supermarkets and drugstores. Found out more at www.aussiehair.com/uk