Bourjois Paris – Healthy Mix Foundation Review


Reviewed by Tams

This is one of my golden-oldie favourites. I’ve been using it ever since it came out. It’s my go-to foundation for days when I look tired and pale. I have it in shades 51 and 52 as I use a darker shade when I’ve caught the sun a little. Today is one of those where my skin looked ill, until I applied this foundation.

It blends effortlessly into the skin and creates a gorgeous glowing, healthy complexion. It also last up to 16 hours. This foundation also made it into my Top 5 Affordable Foundations recently. It made it in for a reason. It covers the big black bags that form under my eyes when I’m stressed and overtired.

It also feels really silky and soft of my skin when I apply it but feels like I’m not wearing anything for the rest of the day. It doesn’t transfer onto my phone either. It hasn’t got the heaviest coverage so it’s best use when blemishes aren’t at the peak of their existence. It also contains apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an antioxidant and ginger for energy. With all that in there your skin can’t fail to come alive.

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