Almost Good Enough to Eat – Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Body Butter – Product Review

NipFabReviewed by Tams

Smells good enough to eat… but I wouldn’t advise it!

I never thought I’d cheat on The Body Shop body butter’s but this could seriously tempt me. I received the Coconut Latte one but it also comes in Mango Smoothie and Pistachio. Coconut Latte definitely smells good enough to eat and certainly lives up to its name and I’m sure they others would not disappoint.

This body butter contains Aquaxyl which boots moisture for 24 hours and as such its performance is equal to its well-known competitors The Body Shop’s version. Aquaxyl is also proven to improve your skins water reserves, leaving your skin much brighter and healthy.

I loved how deliciously smooth this body butter felt when applying, it glides on and my skin felt beautiful all day. It’s worth noting that the smell stayed around too which was unexpected and pleasant!

What I love: The gorgeous smell

What I liked least: I feel like I’m cheating on The Body Shop 😀

Try it: RRP £9.95 for 200ml,

The Body Shop – All-in-One BB Cream Review

BodyShopbbcreamReviewed by Tams

A summer essential that exceeds expectations

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of suffocating your skin with foundation in the humid english weather other the summer months. That’s why I love The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream, it’s light on the skin but still looks beautiful.

The Body Shop BB cream comes in just 3 shades but fret not.. those 3 shades will cover every skin colour as it adapts to your skin tone. It comes out white and within a few seconds of being applied to your skin it has adopted your own colour. I love that it gives you a natural looking glow, perfect for long summer days.

The thing I always love most about The Body Shop is their hydration qualities and the BB Cream is not an exception, once again it provides 24-hour hydration leaving beautiful soft skin whilst giving you enough coverage to feel confident!

The only thing I’d like to see improved on this product is the addition of an SPF, even so I love this product and recommend it for warm does as it sticks around when thing’s hot up!

What I love: 24-hour hydration while wearing make-up.. almost unheard off!

What I like least: That it doesn’t have an SPF.

Try it: RRP £12.00,

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The Body Shop – Various Body Butters Review – Mmmmm

Body butterReviewed by Tams

I love everything about The Body Shop, especially their amazing body butters!

I have been using The Body Shop body butters for almost 2 years now and they never fail to make me go ‘mmmm’ when I open the lid, I love the delicious smells these come in and the photo above is a selection of my favourites!

I have very sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I use, it is often quite dry too, unless I use The Body Shop body butter regularly. I love that needing to use it doesn’t cost the earth, they are always reasonably priced and I tend to stock up when they have a great offer on. In this case a little bit really does go along way and they don’t leave your skin feeling greasy for hours after either.

They also provide 24-hour hydration which means you only have to moisturise your body once a day, that’s 10 minutes saved a day… that’s 3560 minutes saved every year on moisturising and those of you who know me know I love anything that saves me time!

I tend to opt to use the smell that goes with my mood, it’s the fairest way to choose! Today I’m sporting summery mango. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new ‘flavours’!

What I love most: The gorgeous scents.. and my are there plenty to choose from. Cocoa to Lemon there’s one for everyone!

Try it: Usually RRP £13.00,

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Madara Deco Body – Flower Dust Shimmering Moisturising Lotion Review


Reviewed by Tams

So you’ve got your skin looking lovely, now you just need to make the most of that gorgeous summer tan you’ve been working on!

I’ve had this sitting on my dressing table for a good few weeks and finally decided to give it a try. I’d been reluctant as it doesn’t have the best scent in the world but ended up curious to how good it is.

I was pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous this looks on, I’m quite pale and it even looked shimmery on me but it’d look even better or beautifully bronzed skin. It also left my skin feeling soft and unlike many similar products it came off easily in the bath the next morning!

I’d recommend this product for all those summer weddings and days laying on the beach, you could even get away with it in the evening for a bitter of extra glitz!

It’s also suitable for vegans, cruelty free, nut free, gluten free, natural and organic!

What I liked most: The gorgeous girly shimmer

What I liked least: The scent isn’t my favourite, it’s very neutral so probably good for sensitive skin.

Try it: RRP£19.00,

Organic Surge – Super-Intensive Moisturiser Review

Organic surge
Reviewed by Tams
If like me you suffer from dry skin this little gem is worth a try!

This moisturiser is perfect for skin that needs a hydration injection, we’ve just got out of the winter and so-called-spring leaving us with drier than usual skin and this little beauty is just the trick to get your skin looking its best, fast.

For an intensive moisturiser this one feels great, it doesn’t leave the skin oily or sticky and its completely natural ingredients leave the skin feeling, soft, nourished and hydrated. You can tell it is not made with anything synthetic as it has a very earthy scent, which I love!

I have been using this daily for the last week and my skin has already regained its usual brightness and softness, I also didn’t get any spots like I do with many moisturisers. You don’t need to use a lot of this one, a little dab rubbed in well is all that’s required for gorgeous skin ready for summer!

This is one I will continue to use and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets dry patches, especially those with sensitive skin. It is also inexpensive so worth every penny.

What I love: That it ‘s organic and works a treat!

What I liked least: Nothing.

Try it: RRP £8.99,