Just Keep Scrubbing, Just Keep Scrubbing – Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub Review

photo3Reviewed by Tams

Already on number 2!

As I bought my second tube of Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub I realised I clearly love it.. a lot! I haven’t yet blogged about this one but at the moment it is a clear favourite of mine! It smells refreshingly clean and has lovely large particles.

The formula foams so well and after each use leaves a clear improvement. The large particles leave you with a satisfying scrubbed face and radiant natural glow! It also removes what’s left of my makeup without a problem.

My skin is less dry, less spotty and clearer after using this for a while. I also use other Olay Essentials items in my skin regime and they’ve never let me down. They are always well-priced and quality items. They also last a while as you do not need much each time!

photo2 photo

What I love most: It is so effective at doing what it does!

What I like least: Nothing, I wouldn’t have gone back to it again if there was!

Try it: £2.49, www.superdrug.com

Perfect Pins – Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor and Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay Reviews

LegsReviewed by Tams

In my everlasting quest for perfect legs I tried some new products last night.

I shave my legs because although I’ve been through labour I can’t quite face putting my legs through the pain of waxing every few weeks. I try pretty much every new razor that goes on the market because quite frankly I’m very rarely satisfied. My perfect razor is one that shaves close to the skin but glides along the skin. Nobody wants stubble or razor rash!

I tried Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor and Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay and I have to say I was very pleased!


I’ll start with the razor, it has 5 blades that twist and turn with the curves of your legs meaning you don’t miss bits and it shaves very close. It also have a moisturising serum which helped the razor glide over my legs like silk, it was probably one of the least uncomfortable shaves ever, it also left my legs feeling soft. It looks very similar to all the Gillette Razors but the performance for me was better.


The shaving gel was also amazing and no doubt added to how soft my legs felt after. It smells lovely and didn’t burn my legs like most shaving gel’s do, it was soft and luxurious. This duo are definitely my new favorites and they were very well priced too.

I finished off with Garnier Summer Body Moisturising lotion – Sun-Kissed look to start building up a bit of a tan. The sun clearly isn’t going to help with that lately. This is the first time I’ve used one of these lotions and it will take a couple of weeks to build up so I’ll pop up a review of that when possible.

I feel like I may finally be getting someone on my perfect pin mission!

Try it: Gillette Satin Care with Touch of Olay Sensitive Shave Gel 200ml £3.49 www.boots.com, Wilkinson Sword For Women Hydro Silk Razor £9.99 also at www.boots.com but currently on offer half price!

Dermalogica – Daily Microfoliant Review

Reviewed by Tams

I was really excited to have a Dermalogica product to try but I was disappointed!

First up I didn’t find the whole system for this very easy to use or convenient, you have to wet your hands and then put half a teaspoon of the white powder microfoliant onto your hands and rub into a paste, not an easy task with wet hands and it comes out so fast you can easily use too much! I discovered the best way to use it was to mix the paste in a clean pot and then rub it in before rinsing thoroughly. All this takes time and I’d sooner use a ready made exfoliant.

Secondly, the results even after two weeks of use weren’t a patch on my normal Olay exfoliator, my skin had dry patches and it was no more radiant than normal. It claims to leave skin INSTANTLY brighter and smoother, for me this was never the case and I certainly wouldn’t shell out £40 for it either! Perhaps it is to do with my skin so I shall be getting one of the other girls to test this over the next week and we’ll be back for part 2!

What I loved: Nothing

What I liked least: That you have to make it into a paste yourself.

Try it: RRP £40.30, http://buy.dermalogica.co.uk