So Spa So Good


Yesterday I spent a super relaxing day at Aqua Springs in Colchester, Essex with a group of fantastic ladies. Three of us were there from 10am until 5:30pm, by the end we were exhausted but, boy did I sleep well last night!

Now I didn’t book any treatments so spent my day in and out of Sauna’s, Steam rooms and Jacuzzi’s, it was bliss. With this in mind I decided to put together a quick guide on why a spa day is so good for you.

And Relax…

Firstly, it’s good to relax. At the end of a stressful few weeks it was fantastic to take time out for myself away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Relaxing is good for wellbeing, stress isn’t good for your health, skin or mind so taking some chill out time to renew has unlimited benefits.


After each session in a Steam room or Sauna it’s important to cool down. We cooled down with a lovely swim in the cooling pool, today I ache and I can only assume it is down the swimming. Swimming is great for toning the whole body and is great exercise.


Sauna’s have a huge range of benefits. Firstly, they improve your health and can treat a number of ailments. The heat raises your body temperature which in turn increases your circulation. This increase speeds up your body’s natural healing system. It’s great for skin disorders such as eczema and acne. It also improves the appearance of your skin, it cleanses from the inside out. You sweat out all the yuck from your pores leaving clearer, healthier skin behind. Sauna’s also help to relieve stress, the heat naturally relaxes your body and stimulates the release of endorphins leaving you calmer and happier, thanks to this you also sleep better.

Steam room

Using a Steam room is a very quick way to detoxify your whole body from all the toxins we pick up in everyday life from the air, food and substances we use, leaving you feeling healthier. It also boosts your immune system, a Steam room increases our core temperature which kills and weakens harmful microorganisms within our body awarding us with a strengthened immune system. It also helps to sweat out retained water, a benefit I was in love with yesterday, however, it is still really important to stay hydrated when using Sauna’s and Steam rooms. Of course a Steam room also relaxes you just as a Sauna does.

Salt Inhalation Room

The Salt inhalation room has all the same benefits of a Steam room with the addition that it is really great for relieving the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis. Regular use can also help with snoring, yes ladies it’s time to take your husband to the spa!

Hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy pools are great for aches and pains, they also leave you feeling revived after. Hydrotherapy pools are not only great for general every day aches and pains caused by exercise they also help those suffering from acne, arthritis, colds, depression, headaches, stomach problems, joint, muscle, and nerve problems, sleep disorders and stress. They also assist detoxing the body and increase your metabolic rate. In addition to that they also help your immune system to run efficiently and through stimulation encourage your organs to function at an improved rate.


Jacuzzi’s are great for reliving stress and helping you to relax, I always start a spa day in the Jacuzzi. They also relive muscle and joint pain and improve circulation.

Keeping cool

There’s nothing better than diving into the ‘Cold Plunge’ or having a bucket of chilly water tipped over you after the sauna or steam room, this closes up your pores too, which stops them from being immediately re-toxified by the air.

My result

Yesterday I used all of these facilities and by the 8pm I was crashed out on the sofa, I haven’ slept that well in a very long time. My skin feels great today and I generally feel healthy and pretty good about myself. I can’t wait for the next one! It was also great to spend the day working on natural beauty rather than the products I use to cover that up.

Tams xx

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