#SBBC Day 5 – Good Skin Starts From Within


Foods for healthy skin

As the daily prompts are optional and I wasn’t having any inspiration for either today I decided to do a post that was suggested by our very own Megan on foods that are super good for your skin. It doesn’t matter how many lotions and cleansers you use your skin will always be better if you eat well. Taking care of the inside will naturally take care of the outside.


First up and the one I feel most important is water. Your skin needs to be hydrated to be healthy. Hydrated skin not only has fewer spots it has a natural glow and tans easily and safely when using sun screen. Water will keep your skin young, soft and beautiful.


Yoghurt contains vitamin A which is vital for good skin. Just be sure to make it a low-fat version.


Blueberries are my personal favourite super-food. They are rich in antioxidant which fights the anti-aging process and helps to protect your skin from the effects of pollution in the air.


I’m not a fish eater, I can’t stand it but I wish I could. It’s rich in Omega and Essential Fatty Acids, these are responsible for healthy cell membranes and the general healthy of cells throughout the whole body. If the cell walls are tough cookies they’ll keep more water in and thus give you healthier cells and healthier skin.


And no I’m not talking about the sugar-coated variety! Almonds are jam-packed full of vitamin E and are rich in monounsaturated fat (good fat!). This also keep cells strong and lowers cholesterol too.


I love spinach. Mainly in fresh mixed in with mash potato so it is just lightly steamed. (My recipe for the day!) Spinach contains beta-carotene which  helps to repair skin and maintain its youthful appearance.


Too much milk, bread, pasta, cakes – These are all linked to causing acne.

Salt – This can cause your skin to look puffy and can also cause acne.

Candy – This can damage the collagen and elsatin in your skin. These both keep your skin firm and wrinkle free so ditch the candy and hit up the blueberries!

Alcohol – It dries out your skin and causes so many problems and can also lead to more serious skin conditions.

Soap & Glory The Ferminator Body Contouring Gel Review


I won some Soap & Glory goodies recently and this was among them, they sent it out in the old packaging but it is still the same formula as the new packaging.

The Firminator is a body contouring gel that firms and tones problem areas with no hassle and no fuss. It contains Multi-fruit smoothers, Detoxing Sea Weed extracts and elasticity-boosters to diminish the appearance of cellulite. It is advertised for upper arms, tummy and thighs and states that it firms and slims. It also claims to start working after just 2 days. You use it morning and night.

It doesn’t have the nicest smell in the world, it’s very menthol but it doesn’t hang around. It feels all nice and tingley when you put it on which I love.

I have been using this for about a week now and I have already noticed a difference. I’m quite slim anyway so I haven’t noted much change on the slimming side but the firming I most certainly have. My upper arms feel much more toned and my tummy and thighs slightly more so. It is recommended to use it for 56 days for maximum effect so I’ll see how it goes.

I’m very impressed with how firm and toned my arms feel right now, I do press up’s etc regularly anyway but this has really boosted their tone over the last week. I don’t see how a cream can slim all on its own though so I wouldn’t recommend it for some miracle solution instead of healthy eating but if you just want to tone and firm then I’d absolutely suggest this along with some exercise.

Try it: £12 from Soap & Glory

MUA (Makeup Academy) Undress Your Skin – Flawless Skin Primer Review


This baby proves that makeup primers do not have to cost a fortune. I wanted one that I could use every day as I prefer to keep my expensive ones for special occasions so that they last longer. After dropping a white one all down my black skinny jeans whilst testing out a few in my local drugstore I decided to go with a clear one. My favourite more expensive one is also clear and has served me well.

I have not had any problems with any MUA products as yet so it seemed the ideal purse-friendly choice to go with. This is one of their new ones and as yet it didn’t have a tester so I went in blind. At just £5 I was never going to lose a great deal if it was no good. Fortunately, it rivals every single primer I’ve tried.

I like the clear ones, often primers come in restricted shades and it’s so difficult to get one that matches your skin and really why do they need a shade anyway? This one comes out like a gel and is fairly thick. It is amazing at blurring out imperfections. It felt smooth and silky on the skin and it wasn’t heavy either. It also has a handy pump which stops you dispensing too much.

My foundation glided on a dream after using this and it stayed there, it turned out to be a very late night and so I must confess I was awful and didn’t remove my makeup last night, this morning it was all still there in perfect condition except for the lipstick.

It is also good to wear alone. I was only nipping to the shops this afternoon so after my bath I just used this to disguise the imperfections and still left feeling confident. So far my skin has remained healthy and moisturised, my skin in way better shape than it usually as after a night of wearing so much makeup.  This photo shows how my makeup looked over the primer, my skin looks pretty darn flawless I think so it definitely does what it says on the packet!


Try it: £5, www.muastore.co.uk

Bourjois Paris – Healthy Mix Foundation Review


Reviewed by Tams

This is one of my golden-oldie favourites. I’ve been using it ever since it came out. It’s my go-to foundation for days when I look tired and pale. I have it in shades 51 and 52 as I use a darker shade when I’ve caught the sun a little. Today is one of those where my skin looked ill, until I applied this foundation.

It blends effortlessly into the skin and creates a gorgeous glowing, healthy complexion. It also last up to 16 hours. This foundation also made it into my Top 5 Affordable Foundations recently. It made it in for a reason. It covers the big black bags that form under my eyes when I’m stressed and overtired.

It also feels really silky and soft of my skin when I apply it but feels like I’m not wearing anything for the rest of the day. It doesn’t transfer onto my phone either. It hasn’t got the heaviest coverage so it’s best use when blemishes aren’t at the peak of their existence. It also contains apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an antioxidant and ginger for energy. With all that in there your skin can’t fail to come alive.

Try it: www.bourjois.co.uk

So Spa So Good


Yesterday I spent a super relaxing day at Aqua Springs in Colchester, Essex with a group of fantastic ladies. Three of us were there from 10am until 5:30pm, by the end we were exhausted but, boy did I sleep well last night!

Now I didn’t book any treatments so spent my day in and out of Sauna’s, Steam rooms and Jacuzzi’s, it was bliss. With this in mind I decided to put together a quick guide on why a spa day is so good for you.

And Relax…

Firstly, it’s good to relax. At the end of a stressful few weeks it was fantastic to take time out for myself away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Relaxing is good for wellbeing, stress isn’t good for your health, skin or mind so taking some chill out time to renew has unlimited benefits.


After each session in a Steam room or Sauna it’s important to cool down. We cooled down with a lovely swim in the cooling pool, today I ache and I can only assume it is down the swimming. Swimming is great for toning the whole body and is great exercise.


Sauna’s have a huge range of benefits. Firstly, they improve your health and can treat a number of ailments. The heat raises your body temperature which in turn increases your circulation. This increase speeds up your body’s natural healing system. It’s great for skin disorders such as eczema and acne. It also improves the appearance of your skin, it cleanses from the inside out. You sweat out all the yuck from your pores leaving clearer, healthier skin behind. Sauna’s also help to relieve stress, the heat naturally relaxes your body and stimulates the release of endorphins leaving you calmer and happier, thanks to this you also sleep better.

Steam room

Using a Steam room is a very quick way to detoxify your whole body from all the toxins we pick up in everyday life from the air, food and substances we use, leaving you feeling healthier. It also boosts your immune system, a Steam room increases our core temperature which kills and weakens harmful microorganisms within our body awarding us with a strengthened immune system. It also helps to sweat out retained water, a benefit I was in love with yesterday, however, it is still really important to stay hydrated when using Sauna’s and Steam rooms. Of course a Steam room also relaxes you just as a Sauna does.

Salt Inhalation Room

The Salt inhalation room has all the same benefits of a Steam room with the addition that it is really great for relieving the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis. Regular use can also help with snoring, yes ladies it’s time to take your husband to the spa!

Hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy pools are great for aches and pains, they also leave you feeling revived after. Hydrotherapy pools are not only great for general every day aches and pains caused by exercise they also help those suffering from acne, arthritis, colds, depression, headaches, stomach problems, joint, muscle, and nerve problems, sleep disorders and stress. They also assist detoxing the body and increase your metabolic rate. In addition to that they also help your immune system to run efficiently and through stimulation encourage your organs to function at an improved rate.


Jacuzzi’s are great for reliving stress and helping you to relax, I always start a spa day in the Jacuzzi. They also relive muscle and joint pain and improve circulation.

Keeping cool

There’s nothing better than diving into the ‘Cold Plunge’ or having a bucket of chilly water tipped over you after the sauna or steam room, this closes up your pores too, which stops them from being immediately re-toxified by the air.

My result

Yesterday I used all of these facilities and by the 8pm I was crashed out on the sofa, I haven’ slept that well in a very long time. My skin feels great today and I generally feel healthy and pretty good about myself. I can’t wait for the next one! It was also great to spend the day working on natural beauty rather than the products I use to cover that up.

Tams xx

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Top 5 Thursday: Affordable Foundation


This week I’m showing you my current top 5 affordable foundations, ones that are easily found on the UK high street and are within everyone’s budget. They may be small in price but each of these is big on covering problem skin.

1 B. Is For Beautiful – B.Flawless Liquid Foundation

I reviewed this product earlier in the week, I love everything about this foundation. It covers dry patches as well as blemishes without leaving  shine behind.

2. Maybelline – Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

This is one that I always go back to when I’m not feeling up to risking another foundation that probably won’t do what it says. It isn’t as long lasting as some but it does produce a beautiful air brush finish.

3. Bourjois – Healthy Mix Foundation

This one is great in the sun, it looks like I am not wearing any makeup, it just gives the illusion of happy, healthy skin. It covers up problem areas and lasts all day with a radiant glow.

4. Rimmel – Wake Me Up Foundation

This is my go-to foundation for the morning after. When I’m feeling and looking tired this foundation wakes up my skin and covers dark circles leaving me looking like I wasn’t up until 3am the night before, however rough I feel! As you can see this one is in need of a repurchase at the moment!

5. L’Oreal Paris – True Match Powder

I tend to not use this alone, I use it over a liquid foundation when my skin is a bit on the oily side. It gives a lovely matte finish and helps to set my foundation in place so that it lasts longer.

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Just Keep Scrubbing, Just Keep Scrubbing – Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub Review

photo3Reviewed by Tams

Already on number 2!

As I bought my second tube of Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub I realised I clearly love it.. a lot! I haven’t yet blogged about this one but at the moment it is a clear favourite of mine! It smells refreshingly clean and has lovely large particles.

The formula foams so well and after each use leaves a clear improvement. The large particles leave you with a satisfying scrubbed face and radiant natural glow! It also removes what’s left of my makeup without a problem.

My skin is less dry, less spotty and clearer after using this for a while. I also use other Olay Essentials items in my skin regime and they’ve never let me down. They are always well-priced and quality items. They also last a while as you do not need much each time!

photo2 photo

What I love most: It is so effective at doing what it does!

What I like least: Nothing, I wouldn’t have gone back to it again if there was!

Try it: £2.49, www.superdrug.com

Ready, Set, Go!


One of my must-have products is The Body Shop Energizing Vitamin C Face Spritz, it’s also reviewer Megan’s favourite beauty item.

This fab spritz is not only amazing for a super quick cool down when things get hot hot hot it also sets your make up. Used alone it’s really good for the skin, of course it contains Vitamin C which wakes the skin up and gives it a healthy glow.

Without fail I always spritz my face with a couple of squirts once I’ve finished my make-up, this sets it all in place and helps it last the duration of the day. It also feels and smells amazing. There is also a Vitamin E version available that works just as well. I really can’t shout about this product enough. I hear of so many people who use the old hairspray trick to set their make up but this is so much kinder to the skin and works a million times better.

What I love most: This whole product is amazing!

Try it: £9.00, www.thebodyshop.co.uk

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Anatomicals – Don’t just Clean it Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub – Product Review

ScrubReviewed by Tams

Exfoliation with a bit of comedy

I always have a little chuckle to myself when I see the packaging of Anatomical’s body scrub, little things please me, I hear one of my girlfriends voices saying to me “Don’t just clean it woman, scrub it”. Alas they would probably be talking about the baked on fat on my oven dish not my skin, domestic goddess i am not!

I do love the packaging though, it bright and eye-catching as well as being right down on my level… it gets my humour.

scrub1The scent is something I also love about this scrub, it’s a pink grapefruit scrub and smells lush. It has lovely big particles that get rid of every bit of dry skin without breaking a sweat. This scrub loves what it does and does it well.

It’s another great multi-task, probably created by a woman, it exfoliates, buffs and polish’s all in one and my skin feels amazing every time I use it. I do tend to flit around different body scrubs but I keep finding myself back at this one recently. I’ve probably mentioned before that I have quite sensitive skin and this one doesn’t irritate it at all. Although it does have big particles it feels gentle on the skin.

What I love most: How beautiful my soft feels after. Very reasonably priced.

What I like least: Can’t think of a thing and I’ve sat here the last 10 minutes trying to!

Try it: £3.49, www.anatomicals.net/aliens

Perfect Pins – Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor and Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay Reviews

LegsReviewed by Tams

In my everlasting quest for perfect legs I tried some new products last night.

I shave my legs because although I’ve been through labour I can’t quite face putting my legs through the pain of waxing every few weeks. I try pretty much every new razor that goes on the market because quite frankly I’m very rarely satisfied. My perfect razor is one that shaves close to the skin but glides along the skin. Nobody wants stubble or razor rash!

I tried Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor and Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay and I have to say I was very pleased!


I’ll start with the razor, it has 5 blades that twist and turn with the curves of your legs meaning you don’t miss bits and it shaves very close. It also have a moisturising serum which helped the razor glide over my legs like silk, it was probably one of the least uncomfortable shaves ever, it also left my legs feeling soft. It looks very similar to all the Gillette Razors but the performance for me was better.


The shaving gel was also amazing and no doubt added to how soft my legs felt after. It smells lovely and didn’t burn my legs like most shaving gel’s do, it was soft and luxurious. This duo are definitely my new favorites and they were very well priced too.

I finished off with Garnier Summer Body Moisturising lotion – Sun-Kissed look to start building up a bit of a tan. The sun clearly isn’t going to help with that lately. This is the first time I’ve used one of these lotions and it will take a couple of weeks to build up so I’ll pop up a review of that when possible.

I feel like I may finally be getting someone on my perfect pin mission!

Try it: Gillette Satin Care with Touch of Olay Sensitive Shave Gel 200ml £3.49 www.boots.com, Wilkinson Sword For Women Hydro Silk Razor £9.99 also at www.boots.com but currently on offer half price!