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One of my must-have products is The Body Shop Energizing Vitamin C Face Spritz, it’s also reviewer Megan’s favourite beauty item.

This fab spritz is not only amazing for a super quick cool down when things get hot hot hot it also sets your make up. Used alone it’s really good for the skin, of course it contains Vitamin C which wakes the skin up and gives it a healthy glow.

Without fail I always spritz my face with a couple of squirts once I’ve finished my make-up, this sets it all in place and helps it last the duration of the day. It also feels and smells amazing. There is also a Vitamin E version available that works just as well. I really can’t shout about this product enough. I hear of so many people who use the old hairspray trick to set their make up but this is so much kinder to the skin and works a million times better.

What I love most: This whole product is amazing!

Try it: £9.00,

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Anatomicals – Don’t just Clean it Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub – Product Review

ScrubReviewed by Tams

Exfoliation with a bit of comedy

I always have a little chuckle to myself when I see the packaging of Anatomical’s body scrub, little things please me, I hear one of my girlfriends voices saying to me “Don’t just clean it woman, scrub it”. Alas they would probably be talking about the baked on fat on my oven dish not my skin, domestic goddess i am not!

I do love the packaging though, it bright and eye-catching as well as being right down on my level… it gets my humour.

scrub1The scent is something I also love about this scrub, it’s a pink grapefruit scrub and smells lush. It has lovely big particles that get rid of every bit of dry skin without breaking a sweat. This scrub loves what it does and does it well.

It’s another great multi-task, probably created by a woman, it exfoliates, buffs and polish’s all in one and my skin feels amazing every time I use it. I do tend to flit around different body scrubs but I keep finding myself back at this one recently. I’ve probably mentioned before that I have quite sensitive skin and this one doesn’t irritate it at all. Although it does have big particles it feels gentle on the skin.

What I love most: How beautiful my soft feels after. Very reasonably priced.

What I like least: Can’t think of a thing and I’ve sat here the last 10 minutes trying to!

Try it: £3.49,

Perfect Pins – Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor and Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay Reviews

LegsReviewed by Tams

In my everlasting quest for perfect legs I tried some new products last night.

I shave my legs because although I’ve been through labour I can’t quite face putting my legs through the pain of waxing every few weeks. I try pretty much every new razor that goes on the market because quite frankly I’m very rarely satisfied. My perfect razor is one that shaves close to the skin but glides along the skin. Nobody wants stubble or razor rash!

I tried Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor and Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay and I have to say I was very pleased!


I’ll start with the razor, it has 5 blades that twist and turn with the curves of your legs meaning you don’t miss bits and it shaves very close. It also have a moisturising serum which helped the razor glide over my legs like silk, it was probably one of the least uncomfortable shaves ever, it also left my legs feeling soft. It looks very similar to all the Gillette Razors but the performance for me was better.


The shaving gel was also amazing and no doubt added to how soft my legs felt after. It smells lovely and didn’t burn my legs like most shaving gel’s do, it was soft and luxurious. This duo are definitely my new favorites and they were very well priced too.

I finished off with Garnier Summer Body Moisturising lotion – Sun-Kissed look to start building up a bit of a tan. The sun clearly isn’t going to help with that lately. This is the first time I’ve used one of these lotions and it will take a couple of weeks to build up so I’ll pop up a review of that when possible.

I feel like I may finally be getting someone on my perfect pin mission!

Try it: Gillette Satin Care with Touch of Olay Sensitive Shave Gel 200ml £3.49, Wilkinson Sword For Women Hydro Silk Razor £9.99 also at but currently on offer half price!

Get Skin Beautiful for Summer

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Let’s face it, wearing a full face of make up is never going to be practical all summer or on holiday so it’s time to get beautiful skin that looks gorgeous when you dare to be bare!

Beautiful skin is always going to start from the inside, sorry ladies chocolate and wine are never going to give you radiant skin. It’s all about driking two litres of water every day and getting your 5-a-day! Hydrated, nourished skin is beautiful skin.

Routine is key when it comes to maintaing a gorgeous glow. I recommend a full skin care routine twice a day, cleanse, tone, moisturise. If the products you are using sting that’s never good so make sure you have some great items that feel amazing when you use them stocked in your beauty bag! I also recommend exfoliating each day to get rid of any nasty dead skin and help your natural radiance shine through. Don’t be put off if a few spots appear in the first couple of weeks of a new skin care regime, this is totally normal and will clear up leaving you clearer and brighter skin in no time!

A good body butter will whip your body skin into shape in no time, not only that but the action of applying it also helps to tone up skin. You’ll be ready to strut along the beach in some hot destination in no time!

This weekend is Naked Beauty’s skin care special, so watch out for my current top picks and favourite skin items today and tomorrow!

Tams xx