10 Festival Beauty Essentials


With less than 2 weeks until I head to V Festival at Hylands Park with one of my favourite people my attention has turned to what I need to take with me. So here’s my list of the 10 essentials that I’ll definitely have with me!

1 – Antibacterial Hand Gel – With the toilet facilities lacking and being out in the open for 2 whole days (even though I’m heading home and not camping) this is the thing I could never attend a festival without.

2 – Sleek Pout Paint – This is a festival favourite, it can be used for cheeks and lips but for me it will be used to create pretty designs, perhaps flowers for a cute festival makeup.

3 – Water – If you want to keep your skin in top condition and not be the one passed out under a tree by 3pm then you need to stay hydrated! Most festivals only allow you to take a small bottle of water into the arena with you but have taps to refill, make use of this and drink plenty of nature;s good stuff!

4 – Sunscreen – You’re outside all day, even those of us who tan are at risk in those conditions, keep your sunscreen topped up and head for shaded areas when possible.

5 – BB Cream – Save space and take a BB Cream in place of a foundation and moisturiser, a BB Cream will double up as both and stop your skin from drying out. The Body Shop All-in_one BB Cream is my favourite!

6 – Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray – With shower facilities limited and the expectation if rain at some point there’s no point in paying out to have your hair straightened while you’re there, instead spritz in some sea salt spray for a gorgeous boho, festival look, you could add some flowers to your hair too!¬

7 – Figs & Rouge Lip Balm – The is hygienic and easy to use without a mirror, it can also be used as a cheek stain and eye shimmer. Multi-taskers are the way forward when at a festival!

8 – The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Spritz – Ideal for a quick freshen up and to keep your skin looking radiant throughout the whole weekend!

9 – Makeup wipes/ wet wipes – Don’t forget to remove your makeup in the evening and wipe your face in the morning, also a good idea for a quick wet wipe bath to stay smelling a little fresh at least!

10 – Sunglasses – Protect your eyes whilst out in the sunshine, I swear half the time you site with the sun in your eyes! Plus sunglasses will always make you look that little bit cooler. Why not select a new fun pair just for this occasion?

I hope this quick guide has been of some use to you. What are your festival must-haves?

Nautical but Nice

1I live in a town by the water, we have a river that looks more like mud most of the time and some amazing old barges. I also have a tattoo of an anchor on my back in memory of my Grandad who lied about his age to get into the Navy. I also love everything stripes and navy. Therefore I am in love with everything nautical.


My nautical addiction inspired my look for Saturday night, I’m just glad that the high street is fulfilling my desires at the moment. I decided to match my makeup to my outfit on Saturday too. I used blue and navy eyeshadow’s from my Sleek icandy pallette, which by the way I promise to review tomorrow, finally! I also went with my favourite red lipstick which is a Barry M I mentioned here.

I also used a number of new products which I have to review this week including B.Flawless foundation and MUA Concealer. Due to lighting an a bit too much champagne we had a bit, ok a lot, of trouble getting a decent photo of my makeup but here is the best one I have.


I added a bit of extra MAC blusher after this photo as I felt so pale! I liked this look and will definitely recreate it sober and get a better photo! The lighting is all off on this photo and the one at the top is definitely the best. I love that I’ve finally got out of my smokey-eye addiction and started trying new looks! I got a fair few comments on how lovely my eye makeup looked saturday night, that felt pretty good!

Until tomorrow x

Let it go!

This is not strictly beauty related but I thought I’d share anyway.

This week has been particularly stressful for our tight-knit family, my step-father had a stroke last week and is still in hospital so we’ve all been a bit uptight. Today we decided to let it all go and have fun. So makeup and fashion free we took to the garden to enjoy the awesome heatwave sweeping the UK and at 11am we were already having a water fight.

It was so much fun to just let it go, to not worry about the frizz bomb my hair was to become or the suncream running in my eyes. There is no better sound than that of a child (my son) laughing with his family. Laughter really is the best medicine. Here are a few photos of just enjoying being together 🙂


Me and my gorgeous little man… soaked!


My son with his present from his Nanny


My mum and Son