Perfectly Purple


I really enjoyed doing my pink post last week and this week it’s the turn of purple. My favourite colour although I don’t have much makeup that colour which I find odd so I’ll have to go purple-cosmetics-shopping! Anyway these are the purple products I do have.

Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple – So technically this doesn’t show up purple when it’s on but it is called purple and the bottle is purple. It also smells amazing. Full review  here.

MUA Nail Polish in Frozen Yoghurt – I love this cute purple colour! I only used it for the first time yesterday and fell in love so I will review it at a later date. It is a wonderful candy-purple shade and is perfect for these last few sunny days before we hit autumn, I’m going to make the most of it while I still can!

Purple Hair Chalk – So I can’t use this right now with my red hair as it’ll clash far too much but I love it none the less and if/when I go back to a suitable colour again I’ll definitely be using it again. I have 24 different colour chalks but this is my favourite. Review here. 

The Body Shop Eye Definer in Amethyst – This eye liner is great for adding a purple pop of colour to a natural look. I only reviewed it yesterday so I won’t go into too much detail.

The Body Shop Baked to last Eye Shadow duo in Amethyst – I have discovered ow that this is best used wet and I love the vibrant purple it produces that way. It looks stunning and is really easy to work with. Don;t think I’ll ever use it dry again!

Think next week will be Glorious Green so stay tuned for that!

His & Hers – Lynx Dark Temptation and Attract for Her Reviews

1I love that Lynx now do a female version of Lynx, I’ve always loved the men’s smells and this one is my husband’s favourite. I really hope Lynx bring out more female scents soon although this one is lovely.

For him

Lynx Dark Temptation is meant to smell of chocolate and it does to a certain extent but it isn’t too sweet either. It’s still manly! It’s probably why I love it so much though. My husband always smells scrummy and this keeps him smelling sweet throughout the day at his job in a kitchen and he still smells tasty after a run too.

For her

I love Lynx Attract for her. It says its limited edition but its been around a while so I hope they don’t take it away too soon! It too has a sweet but fresh scent, it smells almost powdery. It’s performance is also outstanding. The only thing I find is that it really stings the under arms right after shaving.

I’ve got a few of my husbands after shaves to review soon too, cue lots of sniffing!

Check out the new page on this website too, it’s all about The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Challenge and don’t forget to enter the giveaway too!

The Body Shop – Vanilla Body Mist Review


I prefer light-scented body mists over body sprays. They’re lighter on the skin and let’s face it deodorant is painful enough without the addition of a body spray after. This is the first TBS mist I’ve tried and I love it.

Vanilla is my favourite flavour and favourite scent, so naturally it was the one I opted to try. It smells really sweet and you can certainly smell the fact that it contains vanilla extract. I know I am going to love this scent over the festive season, it reminds me of home baking and cosy evenings by the fire.

It also lasts well, I could still smell the sweet aroma of vanilla on my clothes and skin hours after I sprayed it. A little bit of this really does go a long way so you don’t need to spray too much and it’ll last forever, nearly.

I love it so much that I’m considering doubling it up as home scent too and spraying a tad on my cushions. It’s a brilliant everyday mist that smells homely and delicious. I love having the choice not to use a full perfume every day.

Try it: £7.50, The Body Shop

Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy Noir Eau de Parfum Review


I received a sample of this in my Glossybox this month and loved the scent so much that I went and bought it, even though it was pretty pricey!

First up, I need to get the bottle out-of-the-way. I hate it, I hate it so much that I nearly didn’t buy it, I was still considering taking it back once I’d returned home. It is far to ‘blingy’ for me and it looks cheap and tacky, what’s with the diamond thing on the top too? It looks remarkably like that Katie Price one from years back, see where I’m headed with this? The bottle so isn’t me but oh the scent so is.

I got a whiff of it again in the shop and it was also Happy Hour (20% hour between 12pm and 2pm) and I remembered how much I love the smell so I decided to let the appearance slide.. see I’m not shallow really! I’ve not adored a perfume as much as this in a very long time.

It smells like berries, I am in love with fruity and sweet smells right now and this one is absolutely divine. It also has amber and bright gourmand accents which gives it a more grown up scent than a perfume that smells of fruit alone. It gives it an extra kick.  It also has a hint of honeysuckle and sandalwood, these all combine for a very sexy but sweet scent. The smell makes me go ‘Mmmmm’ out loud every time it breezes past my nose, it’s simply gorgeous.

It was around £40 before the money off for just 30ml which I feel is quite expensive but when it comes to perfumes you pay for quality. I can’t rave enough about the scent and although the bottle looks cheap and nasty (to me) it is pretty weighty and feels like you have something substantial in your hand. I’m also sure that the bottle would suit other people more, I just like clean and simple designs. It is only a bottle and it probably sounds like I’m making a huge deal out if it but I like to display my perfumes on my dressing table, this one I feel the need to hide to save my friends thinking I’ve changed some how, ha! Not that I’m dramatic or anything.

You don’t need to use a lot and it last for ages on the skin so I’m hoping it will last a while, I’m going to save it for special occasions as I have some cheaper ones for every day use and I REALLY do not want to run out of this so soon, will probably be a while until I can afford it again!

Summary: Hate the bottle, adore the scent. Long-lasting and strong.

Try it: Around £40 from perfume retailers.

Yves Rocher France – So Elixir Purple Eau de Parfum Review

1Reviewed by Tams

I love how a scent can evoke an emotion, take you back to a place or a time and therefore I love perfumes and often use the same ones over and over again.

This one dropped through my letter box about 3 months ago and I’ve only used it recently. This one somehow smells familiar even though it is unlike anything I have smelt before, it instantly felt right, it suits my personality. Of course it helps that it is name after my favourite colour too!

This perfume boasts a unique infusion of Tuberose, Vetiver and Patchouli, I personally do not know what any of those smell like alone but together they produce a wonderful woody-floral scent which I love. It is a grown-up-scent without being a granny-scent. It is simply beautiful.

It somehow feels like a passionate scent, a scent that says I mean business. It is definitely on my list of items to purchase full size!

Top tip: Spray on the hotspots on the body for best effect, perfumes are best used on the inside of the wrist and elbow, collar cone, neck and under the ear lobe.

Try it: 50ml for £44,